Corporate Philosophy

GMO Financial Gate's"Mission"

We support our customers' value creation Value creation by demonstrating a high level of expertiseProfessional and encouraging them to take the initiative

We will contribute to the progress and development of society through our strong will to develop and create markets and by conducting our business with integrity and fairnessFairness

The "goal" by realizing the mission

Rebolutionizing in payment changing Society
No.1 Cashless platformer

We will create a better society by making the "payment" more convenient and easier for customers in all types of industries and businesses, and by integrating it into their businesses

We support them and aim to be the No. 1 cashless platform provider

GMO Financial Gate pursues"existence value"

Cutting edge
We will provide highly convenient services based on new concepts and values by conducting research and surveys on changes and trends in the world and new technologies, and by accurately grasping the needs of our customers
Growth potential
We aim to be a company with high future potential that contributes to the enhancement of shareholder value through continuous growth
We see the status quo as decline, and we will constantly improve by making changes aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity
We are thoroughly customer-oriented and propose real solutions to various issues with a sense of speed
We will always be oriented toward economic rationality and make accurate and prompt management decisions
All executives and employees will always be proud to be business people, maintain order in social life, and show respect to all people involved
By creating a work environment where a diverse workforce, regardless of race, nationality, age, or gender, can challenge themselves to the fullest and grow, we will develop human resources that will lead Japan and eventually demonstrate its value to the world

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