Investor Relations

Business risk information

Business risks

This page describes the main items that are considered to be potential risk factors in the business development of our consolidated group of companies.

(1) Matters related to business environment

  1. Changes in the economic environment, etc.
  2. Increased Competition in the Market
  3. Regulations by Laws and Regulations
  4. Spread of Infectious Diseases

(2) Matters related to business activities

  1. Procurement and sales of payment terminals
  2. Member store development activities
  3. Use of the Information Processing Center Network
  4. Dependence on Information Systems
  5. Risks related to disasters, terrorist activities, etc.
  6. Risks of being a small organization
  7. Securing Human Resources
  8. Administrative Operation Risks

(3) Matters related to important management contracts

  1. Contracts for Business Representation
  2. Agent contract

(4) Relationship with the Parent Company

  1. Position of the Group within the GMO Internet Group
  2. Transactions with GMO Internet Group
  3. Trademark Rights
  4. Concurrent directorships with parent company, etc.
  5. Securing Independence from Parent Company, etc.

(5) Others

  1. Dilution of share value due to exercise of stock acquisition rights
  2. Potential lawsuits
  3. Goodwill and customer-related assets

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