Source of enterprise

High credibility and extensive track records
in face to face offline cashless payment market.

Back in 1999, we started up as a payment processing center for J-Debit, and expanded our business by entering the credit card payment market while meeting security requirements such as PCI DSS and Privacy Mark. Since then, we have been specializing in face-to-face offline cashless payments, and providing a variety of payment methods to meet consumer needs, such as electronic money and QR code payments. In light of the changing environment of a shrinking workforce in Japan, we also began offering embedded payment terminals that contribute to labor-saving and unmanned operations

Cashless platformer for all types
of businesses and industries

As a cashless platformer that supports cashless payments in all industries and business categories, we provide safe, secure, and economically rational payment services for consumers and businesses.

By integrating "cashless payment" into any kinds of businesses around us, we will be able to provide convenient and easy payment scenes for consumers, while contributing to improve merchants' services and sales at the same time

One-stop service that provides
payment terminals, processing centers,
and sales settlement / clearing service.

we will offer the best solutions through providing one-stop services from payment terminals, processing centers, and sales settlement / clearing service.

In the future, though we anticipate more diversified demands are likely to emerge in payment terminals, processing centers, and sales settlement / clearing, we will meet these demand by expanding our services in response to changes in the business environment and consumer needs.