Human resources

We believe that the source of our corporate value is our diverse human resources. In order to create corporate value and solve social issues, we aim to achieve sustainable growth by recruiting excellent human resources and enhancing various systems that contribute to the improvement of all partners* abilities
*We refer to our employees and other officers and employees as partners.

Human Resource Development and Welfare System

Career design system

A system in which each individual reports how he or she thinks about his or her own career and is provided with advice and support on career development

360-degree multidimensional evaluation system

A system that allows partners to evaluate their supervisors anonymously

countermeasures to the falling birthrate

Financial benefits and special exceptions for work at each stage from marriage to childcare

Work-style reform

Based on the idea that a company is a place where people are nurtured, we are continuously working to reform the way we work, including the development of our own human resource development degree and welfare programs, by providing a place where people can maximize their abilities and by sharing a vision with all executives and employees for the organizational growth of the business and the company
Specifically, we are working to reform work styles by promoting a telework work system that takes into consideration the safety of executives and employees, promoting the use of maternity and childcare leave, encouraging shorter working hour systems for childcare, providing opportunities for reemployment after retirement, and offering an annual leave system on an hourly basis

Promotion of employment of people with disabilities

We promote the creation of a comfortable work environment by accepting diverse human resources. Under the special certification system for affiliated companies, we are striving to employ people with disabilities through collaboration with GMO Internet Group company "GMO Dream Wave".

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