Toward the realization of a society with low environmental impact

Our group is promoting cashless payments, which have a lower environmental impact than cash payments, in the face-to-face payment market, and is working to contribute to the resolution and growth of society and businesses.

As the impact of the new coronavirus infection fades and economic activity begins to resume, our group continues to respond to the increasing cashless payment ratio in Japan, even as reopening progress, including a recovery in inbound tourists from overseas. We will continue to make significant investments and strive to realize a society with a lower environmental impact.

In addition to improving the cashless payment ratio, we also conduct business operations that are environmentally friendly when providing payment platforms. Specifically, the contents are as follows.

  • Use of recycled paper for receipts (roll paper) when using each payment terminal
  • Provision of electronic slip service as an alternative to receipts (rolled paper)
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials for payment terminal parts
  • We repair payment terminals returned from member stores to ensure that they are of the same quality as new products, and provide alternative terminals in the event of a malfunction, etc.

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